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Back-to-School Tips from Goodwill

August 2017

Here's a few tips that will help you manage your Back-To-School shopping with more fun while saving money, which is always a good thing!

Go through the closets with your kids to weed through clothes that don’t fit or were never worn.  Have them collect together what they want to pass along to younger kids or donate back to the Goodwill. Make a list of what they need for this school year with sizes, colors, and their favorite brand-names.

To reduce stress, plan several outings. Get the basics first. Fill in your kids wardrobes later. Many sales happen before school starts during August, but the real savings begin after school starts, around October.

Save 50-75% off regular thrift store prices every week at Goodwill! Hundreds of 'Color of the Week' items are discounted. That really cute lace blouse? It'll be half-price in a week or so!

Did you know Goodwill has gift cards? Teens and pre-teens love shopping with their friends. Give your teen their own gift card and let them have fun and learn how to budget shop on their own! Or give Grandma a little quality time with their grandchild on Wednesdays - and save with Senior Day discount.

For the school supplies, check Goodwill first for new and gently used backpacks, binders, lunch bags, totes and notebooks before finishing the list at the office supply retail store.

Become a savvy thrift store shopper – it may take a little extra time to comb through all the racks, looking for those little colored tags – but you can yield some great kids clothes at deep discounts.

Goodwill employees put new items out throughout the day. Merchandise changes daily, so go back often and check the ‘Color of the Week’ board at the front of every store.

Back to school can be a hectic time for parents, kids and teachers alike. We can help you find great fashion and school supplies for less at Goodwill, to have a great start for the new school year!

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