How Goodwill Programs Help Your Business

Hiring a graduate of the Goodwill job skill building programs means you will have an employee who:

  • Knows their strengths and is able to communicate well in writing and speaking
  • Experienced job interviews. Knows how their skills may benefit your business*
  • Brings valuable work experience to your business**
  • Has training and demonstrated understanding of one or more basic soft skills***
  • Gained new skills applicable to the marketplace
  • Gained self-confidence and personal responsibility
  • Received business clothing and was coached on appropriate work attire
  • Learned logical thinking and decision-making***
  • Demonstrated logical thinking and decision-making in a real work situation**

* Goodwill offers mock interview sessions to participants. Experienced business people conduct the mock interviews. Interested? Ask us about our volunteer coaches program.

** Jobs that participants might perform in their training at Goodwill, doing hands-on training in the warehouse, office or stores – Retail Associate, Team Leader, Bookkeeper, Textile Baling Operator, Custodian, Cutting Operator, Forklift Operator, Cardboard Baling Operator, Donations Attendant, Recycling Processor, and Quality Assurance Checker.

*** Soft skills include time management, teamwork, conflict resolution, dependability, personal responsibility, decision-making, leadership and more.


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