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Spring Clean. DeClutter. Donate. | Goodwill of the Berkshires and S. Vermont

Make Your Spring Cleaning Easy with Goodwill

April 2017

It's Spring Cleaning time!

Here's a few easy tips to clean those closets and painlessly declutter your home. When you are done, make a difference by dropping off your 'donate box' at a convenient, friendly, local Goodwill donation location.

Get Organized - a Room at a Time

In each room, take a moment to survey the scene. Look at the stuff on counters, shelves, or tables. Is it important or needed? If not, move it to the donate box. For what's left, follow the mantra "there's a place for everything and everything in it's place". Find that place and move it there.

Donate Anything Not Worn in the Past Season or Year

For clothes closets, here's a foolproof method. Turn all of your hangers backwards. After wearing an item, re-hang it facing forward. At the end of each season, voila! Simply move the backwards hanger items to the donate box.

Declutter the Kitchen Drawers

Ok, we all have that one junk drawer in the kitchen. Keep that one. For all the other drawers, take out every kitchen gadget and move them to a box or large drawer. Similar to your clothes closet method, if the gadget is still in the box at the end of a season, well, do you really need it? If not, move it to the donate box.

Take Control of Kids Toys and Games

Set space limits on the number of kids toys and games. When you run out of toy space, teach the little ones to let go of a toy or game (for a good cause) before adding a new toy or game. Let them choose which one and move it to the donate box themselves.

What To Do When the Donate Box is Full?

Vist one of our convenient Goodwill donation centers in the region, available 7 days a week. Donations are accepted at attended donation centers throughout Berkshire County Massachusetts and Southern Vermont and at all our stores, making it convenient to drop off those unwanted items and find something with a fresh look for your wardrobe or seasonal decor for your home, in one visit!

Goodwill is Growing!

In 2016 we opened two new stores - Rutland VT and Great Barrington MA - and recently added a new attended donation center in Lenox MA!

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