What Makes Goodwill Training Programs Unique?

  • Participants of all ages who come from all walks of life. This diverse work environment provides a level playing field for everyone.
  • Class sizes are small and participatory. A facilitator, rather than a teacher, guides discussions and learning.
  • Participants have the opportunity to not just learn a new skill, but to also exercise that skill doing real work in the warehouse, retail stores or office, or even on-site at a partner business or agency.
  • The programs use a peer-to-peer coaching system with employees and other participants – a “one teaches one” model.
  • Participants who excel in their training may be offered a ‘team leader’ opportunity to direct the work of others.
  • Many participants have referred family members to Goodwill training programs. A ‘family’ connection is encouraged, as Goodwill’s mission is to strengthen a family’s economic status.
  • Participants are encouraged to become engaged in the community and to volunteer their time to help others. Goodwill training participants have Walked A Mile in Her Shoes for Elizabeth Freeman Center, speak to at-risk youth at the Salvation Army and serve on the Association for the Blind.
  • The Pittsfield training center Maker Space is on the city bus line, providing access to those without personal transportation.
  • Training is available at Goodwill retail stores and can be arranged on-site at partner businesses, schools or agencies throughout the region.
  • Programs at Goodwill are offered at no cost or low-cost to the referring agency.


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