Who Benefits From Goodwill Job Training Programs?

  1. Those having difficulty getting or keeping a job due to one or more barriers to work*
  2. People who cannot afford or need assistance with proper business attire for attending job fairs or job interviews
  3. One who finds job interviewing difficult and stressful
  4. Those with low self-confidence who are very unsure of themselves
  5. People who have skills employers need and want, but need help articulating them clearly both in writing and speaking
  6. Those who lack basic skills for success in the workplace such as dependability, time management, teamwork, listening and logical thinking
  7. Someone who just needs an opportunity to overcome one or more barriers to work

*People with barriers to work include:

Older workers who need help articulating the benefits of their experience and to gain new skills applicable to today’s marketplace.   

Transitional youth who need quantifiable experience for their resumes.

Non-English speakers who need work experience, especially in a supportive English-speaking environment to learn English quickly.

The working poor who need to discover what skills they must develop in order to increase their pay potential.

Ex-offenders who must learn personal responsibility and gain positive work experience to overcome the consequences of poor personal decisions in the past.


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